When simplicity
meets esthetics

Maximise the efficiency of your restorations

Save valuable time during appointments.

«I have analysed the restorations placed in more than 100 patients based on before and after digital images with the date and time stamps. While I had to schedule 45 minutes for an MOD filling in the past, I only need 30 minutes today for this type of restoration in the same high quality and esthetics – thanks to Tetric PowerFill, Adhese Universal and the short polymerisation times provided by Bluephase PowerCure.» 
Dr Petr Hajný, Prague, Czech Republic

3 instead of 2 patients in the same amount of time without compromises in quality

An array of modern products now help you increase the efficiency and quality of your esthetic restorations.
Time scheduled for conventional and efficiency-optimised treatment protocols to place Class II MOD restorations
Source: Special Feature "A fast and comfortable way of restoring teeth, Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill / Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill", February 2016

Efficient products for efficient restorative treatments

Ivoclar Vivadent offers you a portfolio of coordinated products for direct restorative procedures that enable you to achieve high-quality esthetic restorations with great efficiency.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers dentists an efficient process for the placement of composite restorations based on modern systems and materials such as: 

  • OptraGate - the lip and cheek retractor
  • Adhese Universal - the universal adhesive
  • Tetric Evo-Line - the family of composites featuring conventional materials for anterior restorations placed in the layering technique and bulk-fill materials for posterior fillings in the 4-mm incremental technique
  • OptraSculpt - the contouring instruments with non-stick properties
  • Bluephase PowerCure - the high-performance LED curing light with the intelligent curing assistant
  • OptraPol - the effective single-step polishing system

Using situationally optimal products can improve the efficiency in restorative care without jeopardising the treatment quality and dental esthetics.