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Fast-curing materials such as Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow, which can be applied in layers of up to 4 mm, enable us to improve the patient experience in our dental practice. Simultaneously, we can optimize chairside time, as the dental bonding and layering procedure in the posterior area is less time consuming.

Dr Nicola Ragazzini, Bologna, Italy

Efficient products for efficient restorative treatments

Ivoclar Vivadent offers you a portfolio of coordinated products for direct restorative procedures that enables you to achieve high-quality esthetic fillings with great efficiency.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers dentists an efficient process involving state-of-the-art systems and materials for placing composite fillings: for example, 

  • OptraGate, a lip and cheek retractor 
  • Adhese Universal, a universal adhesive 
  • The Tetric Line, a composite system comprising conventional materials for creating anterior restorations using the layering technique and posterior restorations using the 4-mm bulk-filling technique
  • OptraSculpt, a non-stick contouring instrument
  • Bluephase PowerCure, a high-performance LED light polymerization device featuring an automatic assistance system
  • OptraGloss, high-gloss polishing in one step

By using specially designed products, you can enhance the efficiency of your work without having to compromise on the quality of your treatment and the esthetics of your results.

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